How to Handicap NFL Games

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Handicapping NFL games you bet on will only make it more likely that you will win the wager. Some things that you should check out before you lay your green down is watching the line moves, checking out team's betting trends, the game's weather forecast, and player, especially key player, injuries. You should be aware that the more information you are armed with in an NFL game the better chances you have to win the bet. Take some time handicapping the games you want to bet and do not just handicap games the day of the game.

Look on how teams did the week before if you want to wager on them. You can look at the newspaper, but the Internet has a lot more information and looking at different sources will give you different views on how that team performed. Let's say the Eagles beat the Giants 21-17 so you would think the Giants are a good pick because they scored 21 points on a solid Eagles' defense. However, if they scored 14 of their points of a kickoff return for a TD and an INT return for a TD their offense only scored 7 points and they may not be a good bet.

Stats from the previous week's games are always a key thing to look at when it comes to handicapping games. The key stats to check out are QB passing yards, pass completion percentage, INT, and rushing yards, as well as defensive stats. Find out how good the defense was of the team you are looking to bet's previous opponent was and how they played against them. Also, in the team you want to wager on look at their opponents' record, their strength of schedule, and how strong their offense and defense is.

When you handicap games you should always see what the players and coaches say during the week. The head coach will have a press conference mid-week and try to find tid bits of information such as injury concerns and how confidence the coach is. Speaking of injuries you always have to check out the injury report. Obviously the key positions of QB's and RB's are important, but injuries to the offensive line and the defensive secondary are also key. The latter is especially important if the team you are looking to wager on or against has a solid passing offense.

When the lines come out make a note of them and see if they change during the week. Many times they will change because of injuries, the weather, and if the betting public is favoring one team in a match up. Usually, the NFL injury report is released on Thursday.

Mid-week it is always a good idea to check on sports websites and forums to see what people are saying about the game. Obviously, experts' opinions on sites like ESPN should be paid more attention to than a fan forum on a team's fan website, but the more information you have the more of a chance you have to get a betting edge.

Betting trends are also a key to handicapping games, but you must be careful when checking them out. Recent betting trends, for example recent home and away trends, are important to look at, but, many times, they are not recent and go back many games. Betting trends in NFL games are important to check out, but when handicapping games they should be the main reason you bet for or against a team.

In handicapping NFL games there is a ton of information out there if you know where to look. I said it before and it is pretty basic, as the more information you have for a game the more of a chance you have to win your bet.

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