Hard Rock

Award iconHard Rock At A Glance
Year Online: 2019
Deposit Bonus Offer: 100% Free Bet up to $100
USA States Accepted: New Jersey, Iowa
Pros: Simple and clean layout, fair priced odds, great for casino gamblers
Cons: Limited amount of sports to bet on, sub-par app, limited amount of bonuses
Odds.com Rating: 4/5

Hard Rock Sportsbook Review

The online Hard Rock Sportsbook is one of the smaller online sports betting sites on the market, despite the iconic brand that Hard Rock holds in the gambling industry. But, that doesn’t mean this site doesn’t have a lot to offer.

Hard Rock Online launched in July 2018 as a primarily online casino platform. It wasn’t until the spring of 2019 that sports betting was added to Hard Rock’s list of offerings. Hard Rock offers all of the Las Vegas betting lines you’d come to expect plus live betting lines so you can wager in-game.

The site claims it will “rock your world,”  but after carefully reviewing the site, we can say it will rock you as hard as a Dave Mathews Band Concert.

There is still plenty here that casual sports bettors can enjoy and serious casino gamblers will love.

Hard Rock Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

Bonus Type: Risk-Free Bet
Bonus Amount: $100
Bonus Maximum: $100
How it Works: Deposit $100 or more, bet $100 if it loses, gets your money back

The Hard Rock Sportsbooks welcome bonus comes in the form of a risk-free bet, which is quite common in the online sports betting realm. But, Hard Rock is the only one who keeps it real and stays true to its word.

When you deposit $100 or more and place a bet of $100 or more, Hard Rock will reward you with $100 cashback if that first bet turns out to be a loser.

They are not giving you back “free bets” or “bonus funds.” They’re actually giving you your money back. No strings attached, and no B.S. They actually keep it 100. But, there are a few additional rules to keep in mind.

Hard Rock Sign Up Bonus Requirement

Bonus Fine Print Details
Amount: 100%
Type: Risk-Free Bet
Maximum: $100
Based On: Deposit and initial wager amount
Play Through: 1X
Wager Restrictions: None
When Do I Get It? Within 24 hours of initial bet settling
Expiration: Must use within 7 days

How The Hard Rock Welcome Bonus Really Works

So, this welcome bonus is fairly clear after examining the terms and conditions. First, you’re going to have to deposit $100 or more at once to qualify. Then, you’re going to have to opt-in to the promo and make a sports bet worth $100. There aren’t any restrictions when it comes to the type of odds you bet on. However, futures bets and betting on outright events won’t count towards this bonus.

Here is the cool part. If your bet ends up being a winner, then congratulations, you get your money back as well as your winnings for that bet. But, if your bet ends up losing, then not all hope is lost. Hard Rock will refund your $100 back into your account, where you can either use it to keep betting on sports or just cash out and get your money sent back to your bank.

But, make sure that when you opt-in, you plan on making that $100 bet soon because you’ll only have 7 days to do so from the time you opt-in.

It’s a simple sign-up bonus that doesn’t really award you money, but it gives you the best insurance policy possible for your first big boy bet.

Benefits Of Using Hard Rock Sportsbook

There are a few benefits to using Hard Rock, including free contests like the NFL Streak contest. For this perk, all you have to do is make at least 1 free pick against the spread every other day. If you get it right, you keep going until you get at least a three-game streak.

After three straight winning picks, you’ll win a $25 risk-free bet. If you can keep it going and get five in a row, you’ll win a $50 risk-free bet. Up it to 10 picks, and you’ll get a $100 risk-free bet. Reach 15, and you’ll get $200 in sportsbook cash. If you can get 20 or more picks in a row, you’ll get $500 in sportsbook cash plus 30 days of 25% cashback on any net losses. You’d also become a freakin’ legend.

Other perks at Hard Rock Sportsbook include a $1000 first deposit match. However, that deposit bonus can only be used on casino games and has a 20X rollover requirement. Different casino games also get credited differently.

You can also get $10 bucks for referring a friend if you really like the site and feel the urge to get your buddies on board.

Hard Rock Website Experience

The overall web experience at Hard Rock isn’t as flashy as a rock concert, but that’s a good thing. The layout and colors all stay true to the Hard Rock brand, and the site definitely favors simplicity over everything.

One of the best features about this site is the search button on the top of the screen, which you can see below.

This might sound silly, but honestly, many search bars on online sportsbooks don’t help very much. After testing it for a boatload of different types, it never failed. You’re able to search for any team in any sport you want easily and get the most up to date odds within just a couple of clicks.

Another way to navigate through the sportsbook is by clicking the plus button at the top and selecting the sport you want to bet on.

That said, Hard Rock has all the most popular sports that most bettors will want to put action on. But, for the more niche type of sports bettor, sports are missing. An example of that would be table tennis, which was all the rage back in the rage first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are plenty of options for live sports. At any moment, you can click the live button at the top of the screen and taken to any match happening throughout the world of sports, domestic or international.

We’ve monitored these odds during live matches and saw that they are quite responsive to the action taking place in real-time.

The odds prices for live odds as well as pre-match odds all hit the industry standard. There aren’t any boosted odds here, but the ones on offer aren’t too pricey. The best part about the web experience might be that the site doesn’t try to bury the screen in advertisements. Instead, all the betting lines show up big and clear, which helps first-time bettors.

Hard Rock Sportsbook App Overview

The Hard Rock casino app definitely isn’t one of the stronger aspects of the site. The app is only rated 2.5 stars in the Apple app store, and most complaints are from the casino side of things more than the sportsbook.

But, looking at it from a strictly sports bettor pair of eyes, we’re not sure if the layout is very user-friendly. The app doesn’t do an excellent job of utilizing the screen space and instead makes you feel like an old geezer who has their phone zoomed in at 1000%.

The app is at least fairly reliable and hardly ever crashes. The live betting odds for the app are also as fast as the network you’re connected to. With decent reception, you can expect rapid up to date odds.

Hard Rock Deposit Methods

There are a varied amount of deposit methods for depositing into your Hard Rock Sportsbook account. Each method is safe and secure, though the amounts you can deposit at once, and the time it takes for the money to reach your Hard Rock account vary. The current deposit methods are:

  • Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard or Visa)
  • PayPal
  • ACH (e-check)
  • Cash at Casino Cage
  • PayNearMe at partnered retail stores

The minimum deposit amount is $10 for each method except PayPal. Users of PayPal will have to deposit $20 minimum at a time.

Hard Rock Withdrawl Methods

  • Bank Transfer
  • ACH (eCheck)
  • Cash from Casino Cage

Hard Rock Withdrawl Options

Withdrawal Options: Minimum: Wait Time:
Echeck/ACH $10 Up to 48 hours
Play+ Card $10 Up to 48 hours
PayPal $100 Up to 48 hours
Cash at Casino Cage $1 24 Hour Notice

Can I Move Funds Between The Casino And Sportsbook?

Yes! The Hard Rock online sportsbook and online casino are based on one website, and the funds you have in your hard rock account can be used for both types of games. This makes it easy to use your slot winnings to bet on football all in the same place.

Hard Rock Sportsbook Pros & Cons


  • The site is great for gamblers who want to bounce between casino games and sports betting seamlessly.
  • Live sports betting odds are quick and responsive.
  • Trusted brand with safe, secure, and relatively quick payout methods.


  • Limited amount of sports to bet on and a limited number of betting odds.
  • Bonuses aimed at sports betting pay less than other competitors.
  • Is only available in two states.