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Clint MacLean

Hi everybody my name is Clint and I am a die-hard MMA fan. I fell in love with the sport of MMA right after graduating high school and I can still remember watching my first fight card at a bar with my buddies and just being awestruck. After that, I started training in Brazilian jujitsu, Muay Thai, and boxing for a way to stay in shape and get closer to my new favorite sport. I was playing poker pretty seriously and one weekend in Vegas I thought “hey why not put a bet in?” And we were off to the races. I’ve been betting on MMA for years now and it wasn’t until I took the leap starting the Die Hard MMA Podcast that I really began taking things seriously. Since that day I have been pushed and supported by my lovely wife and her family, Peter Loshack, Jimmy The Bag, and most recently the great people here at! I couldn’t be more grateful to able to cover the sport I love and trying to make us all some money while I do it! Good luck everybody. Let’s roll!

By Clint MacLean