NFL Standings

In the NFL, standings are determined by how many wins and losses a team incurs. In addition to conference standings for the team’s overall record, which determines home field advantage in the playoffs, there are also standings within each division.

When you need to learn more about NFL standings for betting purposes, has you covered. Our standings are always up to date, showing you the wins and losses for each team along with their schedule. Along with this, we provide additional information including winning percentage, differential point margin, average points per game, average points per game allowed, and home and away losses.

At, we know there is more to NFL standings than wins and losses.

Pro Football 2019 Standings
AFC EAST Division
 AllScoring ATS
NEW ENGLAND12-50.70625.514.4+11.1 Pts6-36-28-8-150.0%7-10-0
BUFFALO10-70.58819.616.5+3.1 Pts4-46-39-6-260.0%4-13-0
NY JETS7-90.43817.222.4-5.2 Pts5-32-67-9-043.8%7-9-0
MIAMI5-110.31219.130.9-11.8 Pts3-52-69-7-056.2%9-7-0
AFC NORTH Division
 AllScoring ATS
BALTIMORE14-30.82431.918.2+13.7 Pts7-27-110-6-162.5%9-8-0
PITTSBURGH8-80.50018.118.9-0.9 Pts5-33-57-7-250.0%4-12-0
CLEVELAND6-100.37520.924.6-3.6 Pts4-42-65-10-133.3%8-8-0
CINCINNATI2-140.12517.426.2-8.8 Pts2-60-86-9-140.0%7-8-1
AFC SOUTH Division
 AllScoring ATS
HOUSTON11-70.61123.925.3-1.3 Pts6-35-48-10-044.4%8-10-0
TENNESSEE11-80.57924.920.6+4.4 Pts4-47-410-8-155.6%11-8-0
INDIANAPOLIS7-90.43822.623.3-0.8 Pts5-32-67-8-146.7%9-7-0
JACKSONVILLE6-100.37518.824.8-6.1 Pts3-43-67-9-043.8%8-7-1
AFC WEST Division
 AllScoring ATS
KANSAS CITY15-40.78929.920.2+9.7 Pts7-38-114-5-073.7%10-9-0
DENVER7-90.43817.619.8-2.1 Pts5-32-69-7-056.2%7-9-0
LA CHARGERS5-110.31221.121.6-0.5 Pts2-53-65-10-133.3%7-9-0
NFC EAST Division
 AllScoring ATS
PHILADELPHIA9-80.52923.221.8+1.4 Pts5-44-47-10-041.2%8-9-0
DALLAS8-80.50027.120.1+7.1 Pts5-33-59-7-056.2%10-6-0
NY GIANTS4-120.25021.328.2-6.9 Pts2-62-67-9-043.8%10-6-0
WASHINGTON3-130.18816.627.2-10.6 Pts1-72-66-10-037.5%8-8-0
NFC NORTH Division
 AllScoring ATS
GREEN BAY14-40.77823.620.7+2.8 Pts8-16-310-8-055.6%8-10-0
MINNESOTA11-70.61124.619.4+5.2 Pts6-25-59-9-050.0%9-9-0
CHICAGO8-80.50017.518.6-1.1 Pts4-44-44-12-025.0%6-10-0
DETROIT3-12-10.18821.326.4-5.1 Pts2-61-6-17-9-043.8%10-6-0
NFC SOUTH Division
 AllScoring ATS
NEW ORLEANS13-40.76528.121.6+6.5 Pts6-37-111-6-064.7%9-8-0
TAMPA BAY7-90.43828.628.1+0.6 Pts2-55-46-9-140.0%12-4-0
ATLANTA7-90.43823.824.9-1.1 Pts3-54-47-8-146.7%7-9-0
CAROLINA5-110.31221.229.4-8.1 Pts2-63-56-9-140.0%11-5-0
NFC WEST Division
 AllScoring ATS
SAN FRANCISCO15-40.78929.619.5+10.1 Pts8-27-211-7-161.1%9-9-1
SEATTLE12-60.66724.724.2+0.6 Pts4-48-29-7-256.2%9-8-1
LA RAMS9-70.56224.622.8+1.9 Pts4-35-411-5-068.8%7-9-0
ARIZONA5-10-10.31222.627.6-5.1 Pts2-5-13-59-6-160.0%9-7-0
NFL Standings for Betting

We include a lot of information on our NFL standings page, including details for all the teams. For each team, you will see records for ATS (against the spread), as well as over/under records, and ATS winning percentage. When placing a wager, these are the types of statistics you have to consider.

For example, you should pay close attention to ATS records. A team can have a great overall record, but when it comes to wagering on them it may not be in your best interest. For example, the Atlanta Falcons had a 14-2 record during the 2012 regular season. However, their ATS record was only 9-8-1, making it much more difficult to bet on them.

Additional Information

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