nfl Injuries

NFL Injuries

Football can be a dangerous game, and for this reason injuries are quite common. Not only does this impact the players and teams in the NFL, but they also have an effect on the point spread and odds associated with each game.

At, we give you up to date injury reports to ensure that you make the most informed wager possible. You should always study an NFL injury report before making a bet. Pay close attention to major players who are injured or not playing, as well as the positions they field.

nfl Injury Report
Injuries Impact Betting Lines

While not the case with every injury, this can have a major effect on the NFL point spread. This is almost always the case when a key player is injured, such as a quarterback, running back, or primary wide receiver.

For example, let’s assume a starting quarterback is not playing for a particular team. This will likely mean the running backs will get more work. If the opposition has a stout run defense, this should be taken into consideration when placing a wager.

Reading an NFL Injury Report

It is one thing to be aware of injuries, but another thing entirely to know how to read an injury report. We display all the information you will need, including the player, his injury, and whether or not he is out for the game.

Read the injury reports for both teams and then make a determination on how it will impact both the offense and defense. We make this information available to you, so study it closely to make the best possible wager.

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