Marlins vs Mets Pick and Rockies vs Mariners Best Bet August 7, 2020

Marlins vs Mets Pick

It’s about that time to get into my Marlins vs Mets pick and Rockies vs Mariners best bet for their upcoming series kicking off today.

Series #1: Miami Marlins vs New York Mets Pick

Time: 7 pm EST
Dates: August 7th – August 9th

Team Pitcher FIP WHIP BABIP K-BB % Hard Contact % HR:FB WPA RISP
Miami Alcantara 3.73 0.75 0.143 20.8 33.3 16.7 0.210 0.264
Smith 11.32 2.33 0.000 -20.0 33.3 20.0 0.040 0.256
Dugger 6.58 2.10 0.385 5.9 57.1 14.3 -0.300 0.273

Miami has been on fire since the COVID outbreak that took out nearly half their starting roster. Don’t look now, but the Marlins have won four straight, barrelling pitchers for runs. We will see Alcantara for the first time since his COVID scare, while Caleb Smith and second-year starter Robert Dugger look to rebound from their dreadful first games of the year. The sore thumb that’s sticking out for Smith & Dugger, is their WHIP, while the RISP also have much to work to do.

Team Pitcher FIP WHIP BABIP K-BB % Hard Contact % HR:FB WPA RISP
New York Mets Wacha 5.21 1.67 0.370 14.3 31.0 15.4 -0.100 0.240
Peterson 2.98 1.29 0.344 17.0 42.4 9.1 -0.080 0.154
DeGrom 1.69 0.71 0.222 30.7 43.2 5.9 0.510 0.212

Despite the injuries and loss of star Yoenis Cespedes, the New York Mets are showing the want to play playoff baseball. Led by Pete Alonso, this Mets team will look to take advantage of a team riding a little too high. New York gets Jed Lowrie back in the lineup, who brings a much-needed hitting/baserunning to the lineup. Rookie David Peterson will get his second to the season, after looking solid in his first victory at Boston giving up just two runs in 5.2 innings. If Mets game one starter Michael Wacha can steal us a win in game one, the Marlins look to be in some trouble when Degrom comes in to close things out.

Marlins vs Mets Offense Report

Team Batting Average Slugging % BB-K % BABIP Clutch HR:FB Hard Contact %
Miami 0.217 0.406 0.380 0.240 20.8 17.8 39.4
NYM 0.261 0.381 0.430 0.329 -0.600 11.4 38.1

As we stated earlier, New York will only see a rise in their offense as Jed Lowrie makes his return. Catcher McNeil is Day-to-Day for the Mets, and once he returns this Mets lineup they will be a force. Now, the Braves have a chip in their armor with ace Soroka going down for the year, the Mets have to be licking their chomps. If you focus on the BABAIP & batting average, you can see there’s already a marginal difference between the two clubs, this tells me the Marlins are swinging for the fences, working right into DeGroms hands.

Marlins vs Mets Bullpen report:

Bullpen FIP WHIP Batting Avg.
Miami 4.93 1.38 0.209
NYM 4.23 1.31 0.239

There is no clear cut advantage at this time, the Mets will have their starters in longer than the Marlins will. Bats look to be the difference here, watch for the Marlins starters walking batters unintentionally, and the New York Mets to take advantage of this. The Marlins high is coming to an end. It’s time to ride the Mets.

Marlins vs Mets Injury Report: OFFENSE ONLY

Team Name Position Return Date
Marlins Cooper 1B COVID
Rameriz OF COVID


Team Name Position Return Date
Mets Rosario SS Day-to-Day
McNeil SS Day-to-Day
Cano 2B Day-to-Day

(4 Star) Series Bet: New York Mets (-125)

Series #3: Colorado Rockies vs Seattle Mariners Pick

Time: 930pm EST

Dates: August 7th – August 9th

Team Pitcher FIP WHIP BABIP K-BB % Hard Contact % HR:FB WPA RISP
Colorado Rockies Senzatela 2.44 1.27 0.294 10.6 44.1 0.0 0.370 0.259
Gonzalez 11.65 2.00 0.375 13.3 60.0 50.0 -0.110 0.303
Marquez 2.04 0.89 0.239 24.0 40.4 7.1 0.750 0.263

Rockies are on fire, winning eight of their last ten, and four of their last five. The series will be a great opportunity for the Rockies to continue to unload on starting pitchers. Looking at the Rockies projected starting pitchers, Chi-Chi Gonzalez is the only question mark we have to worry about. You can see from our chat above his numbers are considerably worse than our other two starters. His first game was an ugly three-inning start, allowing three runs to the Giants. Senzatela and Marquez going games one & three, you can trust a solid five innings from these two.

Team Pitcher FIP WHIP BABIP K-BB % Hard Contact % HR:FB WPA RISP
Seattle Mariners Kikuchi 1.85 1.34 0.400 21.1 35.0 0.0 -0.060 0.283
Margevicius 6.78 1.00 0.182 21.1 53.9 33.3 -0.10 0.393
Sheffield 3.51 1.70 0.304 2.8 60.9 0.0 -0.220 0.281

Seattle will have Japanese prospect Kikuchi making his second start, after holding off a strong Oakland Athletics squad. Things only get tougher for the Mariners, once they face these hard-hitting Rockies. With all three pitchers still holding RISP over 0.280, the chances of the Rockies cashing in are very likely. Kendall Graveman was originally scheduled for game two but was pulled by manager Scott Sevais and place on the 10 DL. This was a precautionary from Sevais.

Colorado Rockies vs Seattle Mariners Offense Report

Team Batting Average Slugging % BB-K % BABIP Clutch HR:FB Hard Contact %
Colorado 0.263 0.417 0.380 0.309 0.280 12.2 42.8
Seattle 0.236 0.380 0.380 0.304 0.570 11.0 39.3

It’s tough to say the Rockies have a clear advantage, Seattle has been hitting well, but not of late. The last six games the Mariners only hit 4 runs or more one time. It’s not going to get any easier for the club when they are hit with one of the best bullpens in baseball. Look for even more offense as the Rockies tee off on Margevicius & Sheffield in games two and three.

Colorado Rockies vs Seattle Mariners Bullpen report

Bullpen FIP WHIP Batting Avg.
Colorado 3.45 1.06 0.219
Seattle 6.61 1.55 0.245

If the Rockies have a hard time hitting Kikuchi in game one, they have one of the worst bullpens to expose. Looking at the bullpen chart above, we have a clear cut winner, with massive FIP & WHIP discrepancies. All signs lead to the Rockies as they continue to keep winning games and hold off the surging LA Dodgers.

Injury Report: Both offense are HEALTHY.

(5 Star) Series Bet: Colorado Rockies (-115)