NCAA Football Odds

Much like the NFL, NCAA football betting is extremely popular. Although there are many sites that take bets on college football games, is the best of the best. We post odds from all the top sports books, giving you the chance to win as much money as possible. always provides up to date information on NCAA football odds, as well as live data as each game is unfolding.

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NCAA Football 
No games currently to show for this league.
NCAA Football Point Spread

When betting on NCAA football games, a point spread is in place to determine the underdog and favorite.

When making a point spread wager, you can bet on the loser of the game but still win. For instance, if Alabama is favored by 9.5 points over LSU, the Crimson Tide must win by 10 or more points for your bet to be a winner. If you bet on LSU, they must not lose by more than 9 points.

With a point spread wager, a “-“ and “+” is placed in front of the spread. A “+” is placed before the underdog, showing how many points they are receiving. A “-“ denotes the favorite, showing how many points they are giving.

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