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What is the one thing that every sports bettor on the planet has in common? It’s not the winning. Does everyone win occasionally? Yes, they do. However, almost all sports bettors are not long-term winning bettors. The difference between a sports bettor that wins 52% of their bets and someone that wins 56% of their bets is monumental. At 56% you can make a living betting on sports. At 52% lifetime, you will be in the poor house in a matter of years.

Spectacular Losing

Winning is not what every sports bettor has in common, it’s the losing. It’s not just the losing, it’s the losses that come in such a spectacular fashion that the event is instantly burned into your brain forever. It’s the Bad Beats that bind us together like a brotherhood.

We have all had a last-second shot in an NBA Playoff game that ruins your week. The 60 yard Hail Mary pass with no time on the clock that gets caught in the endzone and the team wins by 6 when you’re getting 5 points.

The Initiative

We all have these stories. We wear them like a badge of honor. The more Bad Beat stories you have, the longer time you have served in this crazy world of sports betting. We never remember the sick last-second wins we have, but we all remember the brutal losses that rock us to the sports betting core. We hate it, but we love that we have the opportunity to share those stories like we’re old men sitting on the porch.

NBA Bad Beats Lebron James

So, with that in mind, Odds.com is starting the Bad Beat Initiative. We want to hear the horrific losses that you have been through. The type of losses that when you see someone on the street wearing that team’s jersey it makes your stomach turn. The bad beats that ruin an entire week.

I will kick it off with a couple of bad beats from The Sports Keg, and you guys will take it from there. Send your bad beat stories to [email protected], and if they are brutal enough, I will share your misery with the world. In addition to that, you can chime in on Twitter with hashtag #MyBadBeat. I know many of you on the interwebs. We have shared some of these bad beats together, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.

Let’s share in the misery together!