NCAA Basketball Odds

At, we take great pride in helping our customers make the most informed NCAA basketball bets. By providing current odds along with a variety of additional information, you have everything you need to make the right wager.

There are many types of NCAA basketball bets, including: point spread, money lines, and point totals.

A point spread indicates the favorite and underdog in a matchup.

The favorite is indicated with a negative number, meaning the team must cover the spread. An underdog is indicated by a positive number, meaning the team will receive this many points.

For example, if Duke is favored in a game against UNC by 3.5 points, they must win the game by four points or more for your bet to pay. On the other hand, UNC can lose by as many as three points and you can still be a winner.

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NCAA Basketball 
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With on your side, you can make all these NCAA basketball bets. Along with the ability to place your wager, you can find information related to: injuries, schedules, stats, standings, and much more.

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