NHL Standings

The more you look at NHL standings the more you will see how each team throughout the league is performing. Before making any wager, you should check the standings to ensure that you learn as much as possible about the teams involved in the matchup.

At, we provide you with more than basic NHL standings. Not only will you see how a team is performing and where they stand in their division, but we provide you with other details including: points, goals against, goals for, home record, road record, margin, last five games, ATS units, and over/under record.

Pro Hockey Standings
 AllScoring ATS
TeamGPW-L (OTL)PtsGFGAMarginHomeRoadL5UnitsOU
BUFFALO108-2 (1)173.82.4+1.4 Gls5-0-03-2-14-1-0+7.556-4-0
BOSTON96-3 (2)142.92.2+0.7 Gls3-1-13-2-13-2-2+2.855-4-0
TORONTO115-6 (2)123.63.5+0.1 Gls3-4-22-2-02-3-1-2.957-3-1
FLORIDA94-5 (3)113.33.7-0.3 Gls2-2-12-3-23-2-2-1.405-3-1
MONTREAL94-5 (2)103.83.3+0.4 Gls2-2-02-3-23-2-0-1.656-2-1
TAMPA BAY84-4 (1)93.63.4+0.2 Gls1-1-03-3-13-2-0-3.056-2-0
DETROIT93-6 (0)62.33.7-1.3 Gls1-3-02-3-00-5-0-0.704-2-3
OTTAWA81-7 (1)32.13.6-1.5 Gls1-3-00-4-11-4-1-4.853-5-0
 AllScoring ATS
TeamGPW-L (OTL)PtsGFGAMarginHomeRoadL5UnitsOU
WASHINGTON117-4 (2)163.73.1+0.6 Gls2-3-25-1-04-1-0+2.507-4-0
PITTSBURGH106-4 (0)123.42.7+0.7 Gls4-3-02-1-03-2-0+0.554-5-1
CAROLINA96-3 (0)123.32.8+0.6 Gls3-1-03-2-02-3-0+1.706-3-0
COLUMBUS94-5 (2)102.43.2-0.8 Gls2-3-12-2-13-2-2-0.053-6-0
NY ISLANDERS85-3 (0)102.62.5+0.1 Gls3-2-02-1-04-1-0+1.452-6-0
PHILADELPHIA73-4 (1) Gls2-1-01-3-11-4-1-1.653-4-0
NEW JERSEY82-6 (2)62.43.9-1.5 Gls2-3-20-3-02-3-1-4.805-3-0
NY RANGERS72-5 (1)52.73.6-0.9 Gls1-3-11-2-00-5-1-3.503-4-0
CENTRAL Division
 AllScoring ATS
TeamGPW-L (OTL)PtsGFGAMarginHomeRoadL5UnitsOU
COLORADO97-2 (1)154.02.7+1.3 Gls4-0-03-2-13-2-1+5.855-3-1
NASHVILLE95-4 (1)114.23.6+0.7 Gls4-2-11-2-02-3-1-2.008-1-0
ST LOUIS94-5 (3)113.03.3-0.3 Gls2-3-22-2-11-4-2-3.704-5-0
WINNIPEG115-6 (0)102.73.3-0.5 Gls2-4-03-2-01-4-0-1.504-6-1
DALLAS113-8 (1)72.12.9-0.8 Gls1-3-12-5-02-3-0-5.803-8-0
CHICAGO72-5 (2)62.73.1-0.4 Gls2-4-20-1-02-3-2-3.403-4-0
MINNESOTA93-6 (0)62.33.6-1.2 Gls2-1-01-5-03-2-0-3.354-3-2
PACIFIC Division
 AllScoring ATS
TeamGPW-L (OTL)PtsGFGAMarginHomeRoadL5UnitsOU
EDMONTON107-3 (1)153.12.4+0.7 Gls4-0-03-3-12-3-1+4.504-6-0
VEGAS117-4 (0)143.32.5+0.7 Gls3-2-04-2-03-2-0+1.955-6-0
VANCOUVER96-3 (0)123.32.1+1.2 Gls3-0-03-3-04-1-0+3.803-5-1
ANAHEIM106-4 (0)122.42.2+0.2 Gls4-1-02-3-02-3-0+1.804-6-0
ARIZONA85-3 (1)113.01.9+1.1 Gls3-1-02-2-14-1-1+2.052-5-1
CALGARY115-6 (1)112.62.9-0.3 Gls3-2-12-4-03-2-0-3.004-6-1
LOS ANGELES94-5 (0)83.03.8-0.8 Gls2-3-02-2-02-3-0+0.855-4-0
SAN JOSE93-6 (1)72.73.6-0.9 Gls2-2-01-4-13-2-1-3.905-4-0
NHL Standings for Betting

With the help of ATS units and over/under records, you can review season long trends regarding how a team is performing against the spread and with over/under wagers. This may not have anything to do with the standings, but from a betting perspective it is a big deal.

We know there is so much more to betting on NHL games than standings. This is why we provide customers with betting trends, statistics, injury reports, and other pertinent information.

Additional Information is the place to be if you are looking for information related to NHL betting. At the very least, you can review current standings for a clear understanding of which team gives you the best chance of winning.

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