mlb Injuries

MLB Injuries

With our MLB injury reports, you will always have current information on how each player is feeling. An injury can go a long in impacting a betting line, while also improving or decreasing your chance of winning. You need to carefully monitor injuries prior to placing a wager.

Our baseball injury reports are here for your reference, and are meant to help you make informed wagers.

mlb Injury Report
[P] 11/06/2018 - Lance McCullers Jr. is out for season ( Elbow )
Injuries Impact Betting Lines

The way a baseball injury affects a moneyline depends on the type of injury, the player, and of course, the type of wager you intend to make. Keep a close eye on any injury, paying close attention to the health status of the top players.

Even the most minor injuries can negatively impact your chance of winning. For example, a pitcher with an elbow injury is not going to perform at his peak. Even more so, he may never take the mound for his scheduled start.

Reading an MLB Injury Report

When making a bet, knowing who is injured and how this will affect the team will go a long way in pushing you in one direction or the other. While many people make the mistake of only paying attention to star players, be sure to focus on injuries by others as well. Every player on the team is important, and even a minor injury can have huge implications on the outcome.

Before placing any wager on an MLB game, read through the injury report for both teams. From there, you will have an easier time deciding where to put your money.

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